Chapter five focuses on: The Rider

Excerpt from the chapter;
In the relationship between a horse and a human, the human is always the responsible one. The horse does not choose its fate, so great effort must be taken by riders to understand natural horse behavior in order to build a fair and successful relationship. The single most important quality a person must have to work with horses is the love of horses. If the horse can sense fondness and care from its rider,  it will forgive many transgressions and make an effort in spite of mistakes and contradictions. Keeping horses, and especially training them, can be highly demanding as well as extremely rewarding for a human. One must hone many skills, both physical and physiological, and understand that few things in life can teach a person more about themselves than working with horses. The experience horsemanship brings to people is never the same among individuals,  and each person has to figure out his or her own way. It is truly a journey to become a better person and will in many cases stretch every imaginable boundary. The fact that horses mirror their riders makes riding both challenging and a humbling task.

In order to train and work with horses in a good way, a love of horses is the essential and most important quality for trainer and riders