Chapter three focuses on: Progressive Training 

An excerpt from Chapter three;
Training a horse is a fascinating undertaking. It can be simple and easy as well as complex and challenging. This depends for the most part onthe types of horses, facilities, environment, and last, but importantly, the trainer and rider of the horse. The training of horse and rider is never complete, and in good riding one task immediately follows another. Working on and polishing the basics is an ongoingprocess, as well the addition of new challenges and the constantly cultivation of the abilities of both horse and rider. Some say it takes hundreds of years to become a good rider. This reflects the fact that one life span is not enough to gain perfection in the art of riding. The principles of riding and training horses are both fascinating and challenging. A true professional is always seeking to improve himself and learn. In this quest for knowledge and perfection, the horse becomes the best teacher. An understanding of the basic training terms is important for the rider of a horse. The goal with all training is to build a strong, balanced, willing,  and responsive horse. In order to achieve good results,  the horse should preferably be trained progressively from one level to the next. Many skills are gradually taught and trained and little by little;  the dots are connected to make a strong and pleasing overall picture. 

Regular steps in trot - Drawing Susan Harris