Chapter six focuses on: Pre Training of Icelandic Young Horses

Excerpt from the chapter;
This chapter shows sequential photos of the gradual pre-training of a typical three-years-old Icelandic horse. The method used has been developed gradually through the experience of starting and training innumerable Icelandic horses in the past twenty years. Each trainer has his or her own way when it comes to training and working with horses. We do not claim our way to be the only way to start and train young Icelandic horses; however,  we feel it is a good one and built on a horse-friendly, positive approach using as much as possible the natural perception of the horse to make progress. The training took place over a one-month period, splitting the work into small daily segments that build on each other. As a rule we work with the young horse five times daily each week for approximately ten to twenty minutes each time. We stress the fact that training horses is normally work for professionals, although a well-educated laymen can do very well given they understand and have the skills for the foundations of good horse handling and training. Each horse is different and needs its own approach and training plan. In our experience the methods shown in this book work well for many horses, and they take the approach of making training easy and enjoyable for both horses and trainer.