I was born in Reykjavík in the year 1959.  Horses and horsemanship have been a large part of my life since early childhood. I am married to Gunnar Ríkharðsson and we have have two sons, Andri born in 1983 and Helgi born in 1985.  Jobs and interests throughout life have been quite versatile and mostly horse related. Today life revolves around the family, horses and knitwear design as well as enjoying our little farm Straumar that we moved to in fall 2015.
For my knitwear designs go to my other website: prjon.is

Education and work

  • Teachers certificate, B.Ed. from the Icelandic University of Education 1985
  • Masters degree, M.Sc. in textile design from Colorado State University 1989
  • Riding instructor from Hólar University College 2001
  • On and off teaching knitting and knitwear design at Storkurinn
  • Teacher at: Icelandic University of Education, The Icelandic College of Arts, Primary School in Selfoss, Primary School in Húnavellir and Hólar University College
  • Founder and project leader in Þingborg Wool Centre 1990-1995
  • Head of board Handverk and Hönnun 1991-1995
  • Farmer, Riding Instructor and Trainer at Þingeyrar Horse farm from 1995 - 2015
  • Teacher, author and project leader for Knapamerki (education for horses and riders) at Hólar University College from 2001 - 2014
  • On the board of the Horse Breeders Association from 2001 - 2008.